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Online invitations and event registration greatly simplify the management of a special event. With the power of the Internet at everyone’s fingertips, there is simply no reason to do things the old way. RegisterToAttend.com provides a powerful online invitation and event registration service, making event registration an easy and pleasurable experience for you and your invitees, and allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of hosting a great event.

Within minutes, RegisterToAttend.com allows you to set-up a custom Event Website, which provides full event details and a link for registration. Once your Event Website is set-up, your event can be announced to your entire list of invitees using our e-mail broadcast feature. Invitees easily register online for your event, providing the information you need, and payment if yours is a paid event. You can view your list of registrants at any time and even receive an e-mail when someone registers. RegisterToAttend.com also provides an easy method to link your Event Website to your business or personal website and social media pages.

RegisterToAttend.com's innovative online invitation and event registration service is easy-to-use, effective and powerful. Trust RegisterToAttend.com to assist with your online invitation and event registration needs.

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